Forget Oil Heating, Thousands of Households are Now Opting for Air Source Heat Pumps

Renewable energy options for your home or business

If you’re thinking of ditching the oil heating, we don’t blame you. Oil is expensive and for anyone who’s been targeted, oil thefts cause inconvenience and upset. Using oil also has a detrimental effect on the planet and as we become ever conscious of the environmental impact we’re having, people are looking for more sustainable alternatives to oil and gas.

With more than 27 million homes in Britain, each one using energy all day every day, as a country we spend a whopping £13.5 billion a year on heating our homes, that’s a staggering amount of money and a huge amount of energy.

The rising costs of fossil fuels like oil and gas means millions of families are looking to reduce their energy bills. But more worryingly, rising energy bills are pushing some households into fuel poverty.

The technologies we’ve used for decades for our energy consumption in the UK also produce too much carbon dioxide which is something the UK government are keen to change to help us met our climate change targets as a country.

We just can’t keep using oil and gas like we have been. We must switch to clean renewable energy sources

The good news is there’s proven technology already being used for thousands of properties throughout the UK. It’s a renewable, super-efficient and affordable solution, but it’s one you might not have heard of – an air source heat pump.

As architect and TV favourite George Clarke explains in this video, you’ve been using the technology for years in your fridge. Only this works in reverse.

The air source heat pump unit sits outside your property, and simply needs electricity and water connections to work. They have a low sound output so won’t have a negative impact on neighbours or your enjoyment of your garden.

It takes free renewable heat energy from the air and upgrades to provide all the hot water and heating that your property needs, even when it’s freezing cold outside or there’s snow on the ground.

So, what makes an air source heat pump so good? Well it’s all about the energy efficiency. For every kw of electricity it uses, it can create over 3kw of heat energy, making it 300% efficient. Compared to oil and gas, which at best can only achieve around 90% efficiency, you can see just how efficient air source heat pumps really are.

Unlike other heating systems that give short bursts of heat into your property, an air source heat pump can be used to maintain a constant temperature throughout your home. That way it’s always cosy and warm! It can be controlled by wall mounted displays, handheld remotes or via an app on your smart phone.

And just like a convention heating system, an air source heat pump works with a cylinder that distributes the hot water throughout the house.

Air source heat pumps are classed as renewable technology so they qualify for payments from the Renewable Heating Incentive. The UK Government’s financial incentive to promote renewable heat. You could expect to get back more than £7,000 over a 7-year period for an average 4 bed semi-detached house, so it virtually pays for itself.

Accredited installers have fitted thousands of air source heat pumps over the UK in the last 10 years, it’s tried and tested technology that is clean, efficient and low maintenance.

The great thing about this technology is that is that it can also work in conjunction with other renewable energy solutions, such as solar panels

So, if you’re using oil or LPG to heat your home, the benefits of switching to an air source heat pump really do stack up. You can add an air source heat pump or replace your current heating with one.

With almost 75% of the energy we consume being used for hot water and heating, you can save money on your heating bills whilst reducing your carbon emission with an air source heat pump, but more than that, you’ll be future proofing your heating for generations to come.

There’s no smell, no risk of oil theft, no price volatility or inconsistency of supply and no issues due to political unrest. It’s a clean, low maintenance, proven technology and with the Government’s Renewable Heating Incentive payments, it’ll virtually pay for itself.

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Source of stats: Mitsubishi Electric