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Ground source heat pump

A ground source heat pump draws heat from the earth and converts it into energy for heating and hot water through a system of pipes and heat exchanges.

Ground source heat pump: renewable energy solution

How do they work?

Loops of pipe are installed underground, either along trenches or down a borehole. Through these pipes runs a liquid solution which absorbs the low-level heat from the surrounding earth and rock.


The warmed solution is transferred through a heat exchanger inside the pump into a refrigerant circuit, which when compressed, raises the temperature to a much higher level.


This usable heat is then transferred through another heat exchanger into the heating and/or hot water system of your home. The cooled liquid continues through the pump and back out into the pipe loops, ready to be warmed again, providing a constant flow of energy.


It’s an energy efficient, renewable source of heating for your home – which is a great choice if you’re not on the mains grid system and need to use alternative energy sources.

How long does a ground source heat pump last?

A ground source heat pump has an average lifespan of 20 years when maintained and serviced properly, compared to a traditional boiler which usually needs replacing after 8-10 years.

Are there any incentives for buying?

The government is very committed to reducing greenhouse emissions and the negative effects of climate change, so it has launched several programmes to help you be more sustainable for the future. Contact us for more information on what’s available.

How is a ground source heat pump installed?

Loops of pipe are installed underground, either along trenches or down a borehole, then the heat pump itself is a small unit which most people integrate into a utility room along with a new hot water cylinder.

How are they installed?

Every system is designed uniquely for each home. Do get in touch with us to discuss the costs of ground source heat pumps.

Are any subsidies available?

You may be able to receive payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) if the heat pump is installed through an accredited installer.

Will I save money?

Yes, a ground source heat pump system could save you around 50% on your heating and hot water bills.


A ground source heat pump can run at up to 400% efficiency, meaning it produces four times more energy than it consumes. Much more efficient than even the best new gas boilers, which run at around 90%.

What about my carbon footprint?

If you want a cleaner and greener source of energy, a ground source heat pump may be the answer to reducing your carbon footprint whilst making a sensible long-term investment in your home.


It has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions of any heating system when compared to mains gas, LPG, oil or coal boilers, or a direct electrical supply. Even in our climate, this is a highly efficient system. That’s why a ground source heat pump is such a great solution for UK homes.

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