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Battery storage - off-grid power

Battery storage complements your solar system (or wind power) by storing excess energy in the day that usually would be sent to the grid, instead the energy that was stored during the day can be used in the evening for free. 

Battery storage - a renewable energy solution

How does it work?

By storing the energy generated from solar and wind power in reliable, powerful batteries, you can have a power supply that is available 24/7. 


A battery system that you own means greater grid independence, reduced electrical costs and in the event of a power cut, the energy storage system will ensure you still have power at home. 

How long does the system last?

The expected lifetime of the batteries are around 10-15 years. However, once the battery cells are at their end of life, they can be replaced.


Battery systems are designed for ease of service and future upgrades making them future proof.

What are the incentives?

The government is very committed to reducing greenhouse emissions and the negative effects of climate change, so it has launched several programmes to help you be more sustainable for the future. Contact us for more information on what’s available.  

Can I install battery storage if I have solar?

Yes. Most are compatible with existing solar panels, you can get in touch with us to discuss this further.

How much does battery storage cost?

The cost varies and depends how many batteries you have installed, but we can talk you through this when you contact us.

Can I get a grant to install?

Not at the moment, but the extra stored energy you have means the payback of your solar panels is much quicker when you add storage.

Will I save money on utility bills?

Yes. How much will depend on several factors including your location, the size of your solar power system and your electricity tariff. The Smart Export Guarantee payment received for the generation and export of electricity to the national grid, plus the savings made from far reduced usage of electricity from the grid, will mean much lower electricity bills.  


The Department of Energy and Climate Change say that people typically only use between 20% – 30% of rooftop solar energy produced, but with the addition of storage this rises to 70% – 80%, meaning you could save 70% or more from your electricity bills.

Will I reduce my carbon footprint?

Yes. If you want a cleaner and greener source of energy, storing solar (or other) energy may be the answer to reducing your carbon footprint whilst making a sensible long-term investment in your home.


Even in our climate, solar panels are highly efficient and storage increases this further. That’s why battery storage is such a great solution for UK homes.

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