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Are you worried about the cost of keeping your home warm, or energy efficient? Well, you don’t have to be. Many households throughout the UK are now looking to make energy improvements to their homes, in a bid to keep energy bills down and future-proof their properties.


For example; if you were to update your heating system, not only would you be installing an energy efficient solution, you’d alleviate causes of damp and mould, as well as rely on renewable energy resources.


What schemes are available?

The Smart Export Guarantee

New for 2020, the Smart Export Guarantee was designed to take over the Feed-in-Tariff. Households who have generated renewable electricity from their Solar PV panels, can sell any excess back to their energy provider.


In order to receive payment for the energy given back to the grid, via your energy provider, you must sign up for an SEG tariff. Otherwise, you’ll be exporting electricity back to the grid – for free.


Your energy savings and SEG earnings will depend on a few things, including:

  • How much electricity you export to the grid
  • Your agreed export tariff rates
  • How much electricity used by your household
  • The price you pay for electricity

The Renewable Heat Incentive

The Domestic RHI is a UK Government incentive, to promote the use of renewable heating. Switching from an outdated heating system (or from no heating system at all if you live off-grid), to a renewable, energy efficient solution can help the UK to reduce its carbon emissions and meet its renewable energy targets.


Not only this, but for the households which join the scheme and stick to the guidelines, will receive quarterly payments for 7-years for the amount of clean, green, renewable heat produced.


Many households will receive up to £13,000 over the 7-years; which more than covers the cost of installation.

The Green Homes Grant

Homeowners and landlords in England are able to apply for vouchers of up to £10,000 to make energy efficient improvements to their home.


To qualify for the vouchers, households must install either new insulation measures or a low-carbon heating solution, such as and air or ground source heat pump. You must also be a homeowner in England, either occupying the property, or if you are a social or private landlord, or a park home owner.


Homeowners will receive vouchers up to the value of £5,000 to cover the costs of installation. However, those who receive specific benefits can claim up to £10,000.


The Green Homes Grant will close on 31 March 2021, so you’ll need to speak to us quickly if you’d like to find out more and apply.

You may also want to consider upgrading your home energy if:


    • - You’re spending a lot each month on heating, but your home feels no warmer
    • - You’re spending a lot each month on electricity, and would like to sell excess back to the grid
    • - You have a large property, with outdated central heating, which could benefit from renewable resources to become more future-proof
    • - You live in a more rural area, and don’t have access to the grid

Many people do worry about the cost of installing renewable energy solutions at their home or business. This is where Government backed schemes become beneficial.

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