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If at first you’re unsure on how your home or business can save money on energy bills, requesting a free energy assessment can help.


If your heating or energy solution is outdated or underperforming, you’re in need of an assessment.

Our team will ask questions throughout the assessment to determine the measures which could be taken to reduce your carbon footprint, and significantly lower energy bills. Questions typically include:

    • - How many people live – or work – at the property
    • - The current heating system used and how often
    • - When the current insulation was installed
    • Following the assessment, you’ll receive a full breakdown of what can be done to improve on your current energy measures. You will also be notified of any schemes available to make new installations more affordable; or for cash-back.
    • Many homes and businesses throughout the UK, spend a significant amount of money on energy bills – often, more than required, because they simply don’t have efficient systems. We’ll help you to fix this.


How can your business benefit from zero-cost, energy saving equipment?

Begin by shrinking your energy bills and carbon footprint.  Our energy experts help businesses of all sizes by looking at current energy usages and equipment to determine areas to be improved.

We provide and install brand new energy efficient equipment at zero cost, to help you reduce your energy consumption – subsequently lowering your business costs and carbon footprint.

Free energy assessment - business


We carry out a detailed audit of your building, and the way your business consumes it’s energy


We provide and install brand new energy efficient equipment with zero upfront cost


We give advice and further support to help lower your energy consumption

We aim to go above and beyond for our customers – providing the best customer service as well as zero cost energy saving equipment. By working in partnership with our clients, we build strong relationships and find the right solutions.

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