UK government announces major expansion of heat networks to power homes with green energy

UK government announces major expansion of heat networks to power homes with green energy

The UK government has announced its plans to expand the number of homes with smart heating systems to help meet the country’s renewable energy goals.

The expansion will see an additional 1 million households connected to heat networks by 2035, in addition to the 12 million already connected today. Heat networks use recycled heat from industries, sewage plants, and power stations, and distribute it directly to homes and businesses via underground pipes.

This reduces reliance on fossil fuels such as natural gas and oil, which are used in more traditional heating systems such as boilers and radiators.

Heat Networks Can Save Hundreds on Heating Bills

If you live in a house or apartment, then heat is essential to your everyday living. It’s also an expensive commodity. In the UK alone, billions of pounds are spent heating residential and commercial properties every year.

Fortunately, newer technologies are making it easier than ever before for people to save on their heating bills — all while they remain warm and comfortable. The latest form of heating technology available is known as a heat network. Heat networks can be built over time if properly planned out, allowing them to last longer than traditional methods that don’t always last as long as expected.

Heat from nearby buildings (like a school or hospital) can be used during off-peak hours when everyone isn’t using air conditioning and warming themselves up at once; these excess resources can then be utilised by other homes, thus maximising utility usage all around.

Heat network systems don’t require homeowners to make any changes to their current property either: They can simply tap into existing infrastructure already set up by heat networks and benefit from cheaper utilities all around without having to do much work themselves!

Heat Networks Cut Carbon Emissions

Heat networks are a way of distributing heating evenly across an area and can be used to generate renewable energy.

The UK government recently announced plans for a series of new heat network projects, including over 150 miles (240km) worth in Manchester alone. A big part of their appeal is that they can significantly cut carbon emissions and help households save money on their bills.

Green energy is no longer just about solar panels and wind turbines — heat grids are increasingly becoming part of our arsenal against climate change, as well.

Heat networks are an essential technology for cutting carbon emissions in a cost-effective way while reducing bills and tackling fuel poverty, forming a key part of the government’s landmark.

Government Commits £19 Billion for Renewable Heat Targets

The UK Government announced a £19 million government cash boost announced to supply low carbon heating for thousands of homes and buildings across the country.

Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey said: “I’m committed to a massive expansion in renewable heat, which will create more jobs and business opportunities, while making our country greener and more secure.

“Our £19 billion programme has already helped reduce household bills by almost £70 on average – but there is still work to do. With all parts of government working together we can go further than ever before in improving our energy security, creating jobs and helping hard-working families.”

The investment for fuel efficiency, renewable energy, and low carbon innovation in microgeneration will help people make their homes more energy efficient by installing things like solid wall insulation and loft or cavity wall insulation.

It will also support them in making their properties warmer by installing a renewable heating systems such as biomass boilers, solar thermal water heating panels or underfloor heating.

In addition it aims to help local businesses increase productivity and save money by providing them with innovative finance support to install small scale combined heat and power plants – which generate electricity and hot water from a single source.

Heat Network Installation Boosts UK Economy by £2.5bn

A new report from Ofgem and Imperial College London has revealed that investment in energy network infrastructure has helped boost UK productivity by £2.5bn a year and support almost 30,000 jobs over five years.

The research shows that funding for heat and electricity networks has also made a significant contribution to cutting greenhouse gas emissions by reducing demand for gas.

Our team of experts can talk you through the importance of energy efficient heating and the solutions available to you.

As the world becomes more energy conscious it is important to do your bit to reduce your carbon footprint; but to also future proof your home.

There are a range of renewable energy solutions available; which in the long run will benefit your household and your pocket.

To find out more, simply book a free phone call with the Energy Consultant of the Year 2021, Lorraine Clayton.

Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus update

Welcome to our Coronavirus update. We’re sharing energy news from across the UK and providing REAL information on renewable energies.

It’s almost two months since lockdown started in the UK, and now restrictions are starting to ease up we thought we’d share some useful information with you.

Free boilers, insulation, and central heating

Great news! There are now more opportunities for free gas boiler installations, free home insulation, and free central heating systems. We have more details on these free home energy improvements and you can always call us to discuss your options.

Help with energy bills if you are struggling due to Coronavirus

With many people self-isolating due to serious health conditions, and others out of work or furloughed on reduced salaries, energy suppliers are offering help to those who may struggle to pay their energy bills as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Housing market re-opens

Good news for sellers and those looking to buy houses as the housing market is allowed to reopen.

If you are thinking of selling your home, you could maximise your property’s value with efficient renewable heating. We can provide a free energy assessment so you know how energy efficient (or not) your home currently is and advise on your options.

If you’re looking for an Energy Performance Certificate in order to market and sell your house we can arrange that for you.

Social distancing appointments

Rest assured, with appointments, installations, and house viewings now available following Government advice on Coronavirus, we will be taking strict measures to social distance and maintain high standards of hygiene to help protect you and your household.

We are also happy to give advice appointments over the phone, Skype or WhatsApp so please do get in touch – call us on 01603 552311 or drop us an email today.

Forget Oil Heating, Thousands of Households are Now Opting for Air Source Heat Pumps

Renewable energy options for your home or business

If you’re thinking of ditching the oil heating, we don’t blame you. Oil is expensive and for anyone who’s been targeted, oil thefts cause inconvenience and upset. Using oil also has a detrimental effect on the planet and as we become ever conscious of the environmental impact we’re having, people are looking for more sustainable alternatives to oil and gas.

With more than 27 million homes in Britain, each one using energy all day every day, as a country we spend a whopping £13.5 billion a year on heating our homes, that’s a staggering amount of money and a huge amount of energy.

The rising costs of fossil fuels like oil and gas means millions of families are looking to reduce their energy bills. But more worryingly, rising energy bills are pushing some households into fuel poverty.

The technologies we’ve used for decades for our energy consumption in the UK also produce too much carbon dioxide which is something the UK government are keen to change to help us met our climate change targets as a country.

We just can’t keep using oil and gas like we have been. We must switch to clean renewable energy sources

The good news is there’s proven technology already being used for thousands of properties throughout the UK. It’s a renewable, super-efficient and affordable solution, but it’s one you might not have heard of – an air source heat pump.

As architect and TV favourite George Clarke explains in this video, you’ve been using the technology for years in your fridge. Only this works in reverse.

The air source heat pump unit sits outside your property, and simply needs electricity and water connections to work. They have a low sound output so won’t have a negative impact on neighbours or your enjoyment of your garden.

It takes free renewable heat energy from the air and upgrades to provide all the hot water and heating that your property needs, even when it’s freezing cold outside or there’s snow on the ground.

So, what makes an air source heat pump so good? Well it’s all about the energy efficiency. For every kw of electricity it uses, it can create over 3kw of heat energy, making it 300% efficient. Compared to oil and gas, which at best can only achieve around 90% efficiency, you can see just how efficient air source heat pumps really are.

Unlike other heating systems that give short bursts of heat into your property, an air source heat pump can be used to maintain a constant temperature throughout your home. That way it’s always cosy and warm! It can be controlled by wall mounted displays, handheld remotes or via an app on your smart phone.

And just like a convention heating system, an air source heat pump works with a cylinder that distributes the hot water throughout the house.

Air source heat pumps are classed as renewable technology so they qualify for payments from the Renewable Heating Incentive. The UK Government’s financial incentive to promote renewable heat. You could expect to get back more than £7,000 over a 7-year period for an average 4 bed semi-detached house, so it virtually pays for itself.

Accredited installers have fitted thousands of air source heat pumps over the UK in the last 10 years, it’s tried and tested technology that is clean, efficient and low maintenance.

The great thing about this technology is that is that it can also work in conjunction with other renewable energy solutions, such as solar panels

So, if you’re using oil or LPG to heat your home, the benefits of switching to an air source heat pump really do stack up. You can add an air source heat pump or replace your current heating with one.

With almost 75% of the energy we consume being used for hot water and heating, you can save money on your heating bills whilst reducing your carbon emission with an air source heat pump, but more than that, you’ll be future proofing your heating for generations to come.

There’s no smell, no risk of oil theft, no price volatility or inconsistency of supply and no issues due to political unrest. It’s a clean, low maintenance, proven technology and with the Government’s Renewable Heating Incentive payments, it’ll virtually pay for itself.

If you’re interested in knowing if an air source heat pump would work for your home, contact us on 01603 552311 or drop us an email today.


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